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Install Uninstall ConfigServer Security and Firewall csf

In this article we will explain to you how to install, configure and uninstall CSF in WHM root.

CSF: It is the abbreviation of Config Server Security & Firewall. CSF is for configuring or managing your server firewall easily and simply.

Steps to install and configure CSF in WHM:

To install configure CSF, login to your server via SSH root access and run the following :

Step 1: Downloading CSF package

					rm -fv csf.tgz

Step 2: Remove already installed firewall settings
Execute the following command to remove already installed firewall like APF (Advanced Policy Firewall) or BFD (Brute Force Detection) from server.

					sh /usr/local/csf/bin/

Step 3: Installation

					tar -xzf csf.tgz
cd csf

Then, check whether your server have required IP tables modules by using the following command.

					perl /usr/local/csf/bin/


Step 4: Configure CSF
Once the installation process is completed we need to enable the csf to work it properly. You need to disable the TESTING mode, you can change it from the configuration file itself.

					vi /etc/csf/csf.conf
Then change the value of ‘TESTING’ from 1 to 0

Steps to uninstall CSF in WHM:

To uninstall CSF Login to your server via SSH root Access and run the following :
If you want to remove csf and lfd:

					cd /etc/csf

We discovered how to install configure and uninstall CSF in WHM using linux commands, for more information about useful Common Linux Commands click here

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