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Category: General Topics

How To Transfer Files Using cPanel File Manager

In this article, we will describe to you how to transfer files using cPanel File Manager. So you can Upload/Download Files between your web site and your computer. Transfer Files Using cPanel File Manager The File Manager is useful for

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How To Use File Manager Editor In cPanel

This article will guide you on how to use the cPanel file manager editor, where you can view and edit files directly on the web server. When you edit a file using File Manager editor in cPanel, you can make

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What Is AlmaLinux?

CloudLinux OS created AlmaLinux. To provide a community supported spiritual successor to CentOS Linux. In addition, CloudLinux will support it until 2029. What Is AlmaLinux? It is a free open source operating system. The source code of Red Hat Enterprise

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What is FTP

The definition of FTP FTP stands for  File Transfer Protocol, we use it to upload and download files from our hosting account, and transfer files from server to another, or from server to clients. This protocol is  one of safest

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How to Log in to your server via RDP (Windows)

In this article we will show you how to login to your server via RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) in Windows client version and Mac client version. How To Login To Your Server Via Remote Desktop Connection Windows Client version: Click

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