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Tag: Domains

How To Configure Addon Domains Within cPanel

This article describes how to creat Addon domains and how to modifying, deleting an Addon domain within cPanel. cPanel Addon Domains An Addon domain is a fully functional domain that you can create from within your control panel. This addon

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How To Use The Domains Tool In cPanel

In this article we will talk about the domains tool in cPanel. Where the cPanel Domains feature is a one-stop tool to create, manage and remove all of the domains in your account. How To Use The cPanel Domains Tool

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How To Configure Web Page Redirects In cPanel

Redirects happen, when a web server redirects a visitor from one web page to another web page. A common use of redirects is to create shorter, easier-to-remember URLs that redirect to longer URLs. Another use is to redirect visitors from

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How To Configure Subdomains In cPanel

In this article, we will explain to you what is subdomains and how to create, redirect and delete subdomains in cPanel. What Is Subdomains? It is a domain that is part of a larger domain, based upon a prefix name

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Premium Domains FAQ

In this article, we’ll show you some answers to common Premium Domains Questions. Common Premium Domains Questions : Q. What Is A Premium Domain? A. To clarify, Premium domains are domains with a higher value than the ordinary ones. Further,

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What is ICANN and how Domain WHOIS Verification Process

What is ICANN? ICANN is an abbreviation name of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Which is a non-profit organisation that is responsible for Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation.In addition, it is a generic and country code Top-Level

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