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Tag: Dedicated Server

Frequently Common Linux Commands for Administrators

Useful Common Linux Commands for System Administrators System Administrators have to know some important and useful Linux commands, also they should understand and be aware about some critical commands. In this article we will explain about the most common Linux

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DNS Settings not showing on Plesk subscriptions

In this article we will learn how to solve DNS settings problem that not showing on PLESK subscriptions. DNS stands to Domain Name System which is an important part of the internet, gives a way to map names (the website

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Linux “DF” Commands to Check Disk Space

In this article ,we will show you how to use the DF command to check disk space in Linux and the DU commands to view file system disk space usage. It is very important to manage your disk space on

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How to change Centos Hostname Server

This article shows us how to change the server hostname. What is the Server Hostname? Every server  starts with the server’s given name as the hostname. It is necessary to  set the FQDN host name for your server because when

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How To Change Root Password On Centos using SSH

This article shows you how To change root password via SSH in Centos operating system. To login as root in Linux means to have ultimate authority and unquestionable control over the system. Root is the superuser account that has administrative rights

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