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Category: cPanel

How To Backup MySQL Database In cPanel

Backing up your MySQL database is something you’ll need to do if you want to export it. Also, it ensures that you have a backup of your database for disaster recovery purposes. In this article we will show you the

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How To Change File Permissions Within cPanel

This article explains how to change file permissions in cPanel. File permissions enable operating systems to understand how requests to access files should be handled. Types Of File Permissions There are three levels of file permission: The Read permission: allows

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How to install Let’s Encrypt Plugin in WHM/cPanel

In this article we will explain to you what is Let’s Encrypt, and how to instal/uninstall Let’s Encrypt plugin for WHM/cPanel. Let’s Encrypt is a free certificate authority provided by the Internet Security Research Group. The objective of it is to

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How to change the upload file size for PHP

There are many reasons that you might need to increase or decrease your maximum upload file size for PHP. In this article we will describe how to change PHP maximum upload file size by two ways: Editing the php.ini file

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