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How To Backup Your Email Accounts Via cPanel’s File Manager

In this article we will show you how to backup emails by file manager in your cPanel account. To clarify, you can keep, archive or restore email accounts. In addition, you can move emails to another cPanel account.

How To Backup Emails By cPanel File Manager

To create a backup of email data, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, login to cPanel.
  • Locate Files section, then click File Manager.
File Manager
  • After that, find the Mail folder, in the home directory of your hosting account.
Mail File Manager
  • Within the Mail folder, find a folder labeled after your domain name. Where this will be the file we will compress and backup.
  • After that, right-click the domain mail folder. And click on Compress.
  • Subsequently, choose the format in which you will compress your files.

The table below gives a summary of the four compression types and their usage:

Compression Type Acronym Usage
Zip Archive .zip This type of compression offers maximum compatibility, standard compression, and is typically used by Windows or macOS users.
Tar Archive .tar The backup file will not be compressed, and the data is placed into an archive.
GZiped Tar Archive .tar.gz Files are compressed using the gzip algorithm (which has nice compression ratios,) and this type of compression is typically used by Linux users.
Bzip2ed Tar Archive .tar.bz2 Files are compressed using the bzip2 algorithm. This type of compression offers better compression than GZiped Tar (.tar.gz) but the algorithm is slower.
  • Select the compression type that best suits your needs, and click Compress File.
  • Your new compressed file will now be listed as one of the available files in that section of File Manager’s directory. After that, Right-click the compressed file and click Download. Therefore, this will download the compressed file onto your local machine.
  • Now you have created a backup of your email.

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