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Determine MySQL Version Using cPanel / phpMyAdmin And Command Line

In this article, we will show you how to determine the MySQL version installed on a server.  Using cPanel, phpMyAdmin, and command-line.

Determine The MySQL Version

Use whichever of the following methods you prefer.

1. Use cPanel: 

  • Log in to cPanel.
  • In the right sidebar, under GENERAL INFORMATION, click Server Information.
  • On the Server Information page, locate the MySQL Version row.
The MySQL version t

2. Use phpMyAdmin:

  • Log in to cPanel.
  • In the DATABASES section, click the phpMyAdmin icon.
  • After that, the phpMyAdmin page appears. In the Database server section appears the MySQL version.

3. Use the command line:

  • Log in to your account using SSH.
  • Type the following command:
					Copymysql --version
  • To view more detailed MySQL version information, log in to MySQL using the MySQL program, and then type the following query:
					CopySHOW VARIABLES LIKE "%version%";


This shows detailed version information for MySQL, the database engine, the SSL library, and more.


For More information about the MySQL, please click Here

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