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Export cPanel Account list into CSV File format

Fetch CSV operation

Fetch CSV operation means that as a cPanel reseller or root, you have the ability to import a list of your cPanel accounts into a program such as Excel.

Follow these steps to export your Accounts into CSV file

  1. Use your reseller cPanel account to login to your WHM
  2. Move to Home » Account Information » List Accounts
  3. you can either filter the list or export all the domain accounts by the list.
  4. Under the account list just right click the link Download all records to a CSV file, then choose save link as
  5. From the Save Dialog click filename “Yourfilename.csv” and from the Save Type as (All File Types (*.*))
  6. Finally locate the file you had saved then open it, you will be able to see the list of domains with all features.
Fetch CSV operation

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