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Tag: cPanel

How To Enable The Log Programs In cPanel

In this article we will show you the available log programs in cPanel for your web site, how to enable them, and how to view their information. where, cPanel offers up to three log programs for viewing site statistics: Analog:

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How To Configure Web Disk Accounts

In this article we will describe to you how to configure Web Disk accounts in cPanel. After you configure a Web Disk account, you can use the account to access your web files. How To Create Web Disk Account in

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How To Backup MySQL Database In cPanel

Backing up your MySQL database is something you’ll need to do if you want to export it. Also, it ensures that you have a backup of your database for disaster recovery purposes. In this article we will show you the

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How To Change File Permissions Within cPanel

This article explains how to change file permissions in cPanel. File permissions enable operating systems to understand how requests to access files should be handled. Types Of File Permissions There are three levels of file permission: The Read permission: allows

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How To Transfer Files Using cPanel File Manager

In this article, we will describe to you how to transfer files using cPanel File Manager. So you can Upload/Download Files between your web site and your computer. Transfer Files Using cPanel File Manager The File Manager is useful for

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How To Use File Manager Editor In cPanel

This article will guide you on how to use the cPanel file manager editor, where you can view and edit files directly on the web server. When you edit a file using File Manager editor in cPanel, you can make

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