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Tag: AlmaLinux

How to Install WHM cPanel on AlmaLinux 8 ?

In this article we will learn you how to install WHM cPanel on your AlmaLinux. Requirements for WHM cPanel  in Almalinux 8 Installation: A valid static IP address and hostname. 1.1 GHz CPU- 64-bit. Minimum: 1 GB and Recommended: 2 GB. Free

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What Is AlmaLinux?

CloudLinux OS created AlmaLinux. To provide a community supported spiritual successor to CentOS Linux. In addition, CloudLinux will support it until 2029. What Is AlmaLinux? It is a free open source operating system. The source code of Red Hat Enterprise

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How To Install Almalinux 8?

Before the installation you have to download the stable version of AlmaLinux. To do that , go to “Download ISOs” section of AlmaLinux’s official site . AlmaLinux Installation steps: Firstly, from the boot screen, boot your system with the boot

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