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How To Install Almalinux 8?

Before the installation you have to download the stable version of AlmaLinux. To do that , go to Download ISOs” section of AlmaLinux’s official site .

AlmaLinux Installation steps:

  • Firstly, from the boot screen, boot your system with the boot device. Then continue the installation by selecting Install AlmaLinux.
  • Select the system language and continue your installation.
  • After that the setup page should appear. Configuring the 4 crucial settings which are:
    • Partitioning – Installation destination.
    • Network and hostname.
    • User Settings.
    • Software Selection.
  • Configure partitioning, click on the ‘Installation Destination’ section. Just click on the hard drive and ensure that there’s a white check mark on the hard drive icon.
  • Set the root password, keyboard layout, time-date and disk partitioning. Also setup the date and time From disk partitioning settings. Choose the disk that will be used and Press on Done button.
  • After that choose packages that are going to be installed from the Software Selection section. 
  • When you successfully complete the above steps. You can start your installation, just click the Begin Installation button.
  • After you finish the installation , you should download a basic network packages. Run these command to install the packages:
					yum install vim bind-utils net-tools wget rsync netctl openssh-server dnsutils atop
  • In case you face a problem while installing atop. use wget command to copmlete your action.
  • The following command is used to show all the installed packages
					yum group list

  • After the download is completed, the desktop can be activated with the following command.
					startx &


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