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Install FTP on Linux and connect to FTP Server

FTP  File Transfer Protocol is a file transfer protocol used in the network and computing systems. FTP service is very necessary to ensure that files can be transferred. According to the servers that don’t have FTP service, It is important to install the FTP client to enable the client of sending files to an FTP server if is requested.

So in this article we will show you how to install ftp client on Linux server.

How To Install FTP client on Linux server and commands to connect to ftp server

lftp: command not found, this error message appears when you are trying to connect to your ftp server, which means that ftp client is not installed on your linux. So simply follow the below steps to install FTP client and solve this problem.

How to install FTP Client on Linux

Login to your server using PuTTY as a root account then run the following command for each operating system:

  • On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
					apt-get install lftp
  • CentOS/Fedora/RHEL
					yum install lftp
  • Arch Linux
					sudo pacman -S lftp
  • OpenSuse
					sudo zypper install lftp

Connect to FTP server using lftp command

This exmaple shows us how to connect to FTP server name:DEMO-IP with user:ftp-username , from SSH PuTTY run the following commands:

					lftp DEMO-IP
u ftp-username
Password:Type your password
lftp ftp-username@DEMO-IP:~>

lftp connection error

Fatal error: Certificate verification: certificate common name doesn’t match requested host name ‘DEMO-IP’, this error appears when you are trying to run command ls to display the list of the directories and files. Disable ssl connection to the FTP Server by running the following command to solve this problem:

					set ssl:verify-certificate no
lftp ftp-username@FTP-DEMO-IP:~>

Now you can run the lftp commands successfully by passing the ssl certifcate.

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