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How to Install WHM cPanel on AlmaLinux 8 ?

In this article we will learn you how to install WHM cPanel on your AlmaLinux.

Requirements for WHM cPanel  in Almalinux 8 Installation:

  • A valid static IP address and hostname.
  • 1.1 GHz CPU- 64-bit.
  • Minimum: 1 GB and Recommended: 2 GB.
  • Free space on the 20 GB hard drive, however, we recommended 40 GB.

Steps to install WHM cPanel on AlmaLinux 8:

  • First you have to update your system’s existing packages to the latest version. Run the following commands:
					yum update
yum upgrade
  • Now install Perl and curl which we will use to download the cPanel installation script.
					yum install perl curl
  • To download WHM cPanel installation script run this command:
					cd /home && curl -o latest -L
  • Run cPanel installation script using this command:
					sh latest
  • If you get a hostname error then you can set your hostname by using this command:
  • Now to login to your WHM go to a browser and enter your address: https://Server_IP: 2087. Replace Server_IP with your IP-address.
  • Then you have to enter your root user and password to access WHM cPanel.
  • Accept Terms and conditions.
  • After that to apply for Cpanel & WHM Trail license click on the Login button and create an account with WHM service.
  • Enter your email address and the name server.

Finally,  the WHM is installed on AlamLinux 8, now create a cPanel account on it to start hosing a website.

For Additional Information See Our WHM/cPanel Section.

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