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Premium Domains FAQ

In this article, we’ll show you some answers to common Premium Domains Questions.

Common Premium Domains Questions :

Q. What Is A Premium Domain?

A. To clarify, Premium domains are domains with a higher value than the ordinary ones. Further, they can be recognized as popular web addresses, created with friendly keywords that give substantial branding opportunities. In addition they are privately owned and mostly have higher registration prices and higher transfer costs than ordinary domains.

Q. How Do I Search For A Premium Domain?

A. When you do a regular domain search, certainly, we will return to you the best available Premium Domains that match the domain you searched for. Moreover, if the domain you searched for via our regular domain search is a Premium Domain itself. In such a case, it will be highly featured on our results page as a Premium Domain TAB.

Q. Why Are Premium Domains So Expensive?

A. Typically, Premium Domains are well established and attractive. Therefore, they have more traffic and are more expensive. Nevertheless, what makes the premium domains attractive? The answer is how they are created. Most of them are short, have a good reputation, and strong domain history. They are easy to remember, or they are famous names of famous brands, and hence there is no need for extra marketing costs. Premium domain often contains essential keywords/key phrases and comes with a higher value, thus a higher price.

Q. Will “Premium Domains” Renewal Have Higher Prices?

A. The answer is no. Premium renewal prices are set according to the regular TLD price.

Q. What Is The Procedure To Procure A Premium Domain?

A. After you have made a Premium Domain purchase with us, we will complete the ownership transfer. It may require up to 5-7 days. Firstly, you will receive a confirmation email to your registered email address as soon as ownership of the domain has been transferred to your account. After that, you can continue to manage the domain as you would manage a regular domain name.

To find your perfect domain name, visit our Register Domain Name Section.

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