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How To Protect Files And Directories Using cPanel Directory Privacy

In this article we will learn you how to configure directory privacy in cPanel to protect specific directories with a password.

cPanel Directory Privacy

Directory Privacy is a tool included in the cPanel, which enable you to protect files or directories by using username and password. For example, Visitors to password-protected directories must enter a username and password to view the directory’s contents.

How To Add Password Protection to a Directory

When you add password protection to a directory, you provide a name for the directory that will appear in users’ web browsers when they are prompted for a username and password. Then you create users and passwords to specify who can access the directory.

To add password protection to a directory, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, Log in to cPanel.
  • Click Directory Privacy, in the FILES section of the cPanel home screen.
cPanel directory privacy
  • After that, click the name of the directory that you want to protect. Then click Edit.
  • Under Security Settings, select the Password protect this directory check box.
  • Type a name for the protected directory, in the Enter a name for the protected directory text box.
  • Click Save.
  • Under Create User, type a username in the Username text box.
  • In the New Password text box, type the user’s password.
  • Retype the user’s password, in the Confirm Password text box.
  • Click Save. cPanel adds password protection to the directory.


Watch the tutorial below,

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