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How to Park Domain within WHM

In this article we will show you how to park a domain using WHM cPanel.

Park a Domain Within WHM

A parked domain (alias) is a secondary domain that points to a user’s primary domain, a registered domain name not associated with a website or email hosting service. If users want to browse the website of the parked domain, the system will show the primary website.

Follow these steps to Park a Domain:

  • Login to your WHM as root or reseller account.
login to WHM
  • Go to Home »DNS Functions »Park a Domain.
park domain DNS functions
park domain
  • Enter the primary domain name in the textbox under Park , or select the domain from the menu.
select park domain
  • In the Domain to park, enter the domain name that you want to park.
  • Click Submit button.

If you need more inquires about managing domains please communicate with our experts

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